Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company

Allegheny County, PA Station 262

Proudly Serving  Shaler Township Since 1946

960 Saxonburg Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA  15223

Phone 412-487-9998 EMERGENCY DIAL 911

The History of Shaler Villa VFC
When World War II ended, the housing boom began in Shaler Township. An eager group of men and women felt the need to have better fire protection. So they all went out and mortgaged their homes. As a result, a plot of land was bought in what was known as the Campbell Plan and a two vehicle garage was built.
As the company and the area grew there was an increasing need for more fund raising. Therefore, a plan was in place to build a bigger garage on the current site and turn the current garage into a social hall. Shaler Villa started with one truck and a very determined group of men and women. As time went on the company purchased better equipment and gained many more new firefighters. Shaler Villa may best be known for its EMS service it provided many years ago.
Shaler Villa currently has an arsenal of vehicles. The main vehicle is Truck 262, a 2005 American LaFrance 75 foot quint along with Engine 262, a 1995 Seagrave Pumper and Squad 262, a 2003 GMC crew cab pick up. Finally QRS/Command 262 is 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe is primarily used to run QRS calls and as an Incident Command Vehicle. Shaler Villa VFC currently runs an average of 150 fire calls and 400 to 600 QRS calls a year. We are always in need of new members for both fire or QRS. If you do not want to be a firefighter, but are EMS trained please stop by and see what is available for you.

Starting in 2018 four members of Shaler Villa started the process to become Swift Water Rescue Technicians. This is in response to increased frequency of flooding throughout the area. Starting a Swift Water Rescue Team is a new venture for Shaler Villa. We are very excited to expand our capabilities and work more other Public Safety Agencies throughout the region.

In closing, Shaler Villa is always open for the community to stop by and see our top rated facility. Our mission is to serve the community 24 hours a day and 7 days week. Also donations are always welcome since for the most part our station runs on donated funds.
Fire Chiefs of Shaler Villa VFC

Anthony Ferderbar
Dwayne Steinmetz
Josh Renner
Justin Rupert
Bob Caridi
George Butela
Drew Gerst
Andy Kadash
Norman Baker

Firefighter of the Year Award

2016 - Firefighter Troy O'Leary
2009 - Medical Officer Mike Vetterly