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Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company

Allegheny County, PA Station 262

Proudly Serving  Shaler Township Since 1946

960 Saxonburg Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA  15223

Phone 412-487-9998 EMERGENCY DIAL 911

Shaler Villa VFC's High End Sportsman's Raffle

The Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company is Kicking off one of our LARGEST & MOST REWARDING Fundraisers ever! With that being said, to make this a High End Raffle, One prize will be awarded EVERY WEEK, with prizes totaling in excess of $52,000!

Ticket's can be purchased through any member or online!
For Ticket Info - Call 412-213-0817 or Email

Winning Numbers will be Posted Weekly when drawings begin!

All Purchases are subject to the Terms and Conditions Below.

No Refunds / Tickets are not transferable.
We are committed to providing a Raffle experience like no other. With that being said, a significant amount of thought went into crafting a prize selection tailored to the sportsman, and those alike.

We also have Cash Options available for most (not all) prizes, appealing to those who may not be interested in the prize for that week.

For Less than $2.00 per week, you have 52 chances at winning! P.s. You can win more than once!

We are also accepting online ticket purchases through the Paypal Link Below.

There is a $3.75 Convenience Fee for using this service. 

Please be sure to include all of your information, and we will get in touch with you regarding your assigned ticket number.
Name of Seller (if applicable)
Three Digit #'s (if available)
Tickets Sponsored By: N&N Landscaping
Terms & Conditions

You must be 21 and Older to purchase or possess tickets. ALL Tickets and Money Collected for Said tickets are the property of the Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company. ALL State and Federal Laws apply. Winners MUST be able to pass all State and Federal Background Checks (as applicable) in order to receive prizes as indicated on the ticket. Only 1000 Tickets will be printed and numbered 000-999. Winning ticket numbers will be based on the PA Lottery Pick 3 Evening Drawings starting Every Monday, consecutively for 52 Weeks, after it is confirmed that all 1000 Tickets have been sold. All Ticket Holders will be notified via email as to when drawings will begin after all 1000 Tickets have been sold. You Keep the SAME Number for ALL 52 Weeks of Drawings; Therefore, it is possible that you can win more than one time during the drawing period. There is NO Limit to the amount of tickets that you can purchase. Tickets may only be purchased from any member of The Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company, or Online through the designated Portal as Established by the company. RESALE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE. Winners will be notified via phone & email. Should the contact information supplied by the ticket holder be insufficient to make contact with them, they are responsible to monitor the PA Lottery Pick 3 Evening Drawings every Monday after drawings have begun and make contact with any representative of The Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company. Winners will have 30 days to claim prize, otherwise forfeiting if not within the time frame allotted. Failure to claim Prizes within the given time frame allotted will result in Prize forfeiture. Exceptions will be made to the Member of the Armed Forces if Deployed at the Time of winning. Prizes are subject to availability. Prizes of equal or greater value (within reason) will be substituted if there is a lack of availability for the prize listed at the Time of the Drawing. ALL Members of The Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company are able to Purchase Tickets for this Drawing Cycle and MUST adhere to ALL terms as outlined above. If you are paying with a credit or debit card, you are subject to a $3.75 convenience fee. You can track our start date and winning ticket numbers via our website at or our Facebook Page – Shaler Villa Volunteer Fire Company. For any questions, please contact 412-213-0817 or